Three-step Process

There is a new model for investing, based not on speculation but on the science of the capital markets. Decades of academic research lead the way. At Stoeckler Financial, our investment philosophy is guided by evidence-based portfolio management solutions through the science of the capital markets. Let Stoeckler’s personal investment counsel and portfolio management services guide you in your journey towards your financial freedom.

Step 1: Discovery & Risk Assessment

Before we begin, we need to understand your investment objectives, investment time horizons, and address your comfort level and ability to take on financial risk. Once these factors are understood, we can develop an investment policy that provides guidelines and a strategy towards managing your investment portfolio(s).

Step 2: Investment Policy Design & Implementation

It's important that you fully understand and mutually agree to the investment guidelines Stoeckler Financial intends to follow in managing your investment portfolio.

Details of your investment portfolio and our management plan will be explained at length within an Investment Policy Statement personalized for you.

Step 3: Portfolio Monitoring, Reporting & Review

Stoeckler Financial will monitor your portfolio's performance, using a blend of proprietary benchmarks composed of major market indexes. Our selective rebalancing process keeps your portfolio's integrity and trading costs in check.

You can access your investment account online through TD Ameritrade direct. In addition, we will provide clear and concise quarterly performance reports with custom benchmarks.


Our review process is intended to track the progress of your portfolio's investment objective(s), and make adjustments to your portfolio's accumulation and distribution strategy as necessary.