Portfolio Management

There is a new model for investing, based on the science of the capital markets, not speculation. Decades of academic research lead the way.

Stoeckler Financial’s portfolio management philosophy is grounded in the efficiency of the capital markets – meaning that the markets themselves do an effective job of fairly pricing stock values by incorporating and reflecting all relevant information. Due to this efficient pricing model, the act of attempting to “beat the market” through individual stock selection or market timing is futile.

Instead, Stoeckler Financial utilizes a state-of-the-art portfolio design that minimizes risk through diversification while maximizing portfolio returns for a given level of risk. By maintaining our long-term disciplined approach, and allowing the markets to work, our goal is to achieve enhanced returns by allocating our portfolios towards factors of higher expected returns (risk premiums), institutionally priced security selection, and minimizing transaction costs through efficient trade execution.