Our Process Elements & Goals

Financial Accumulation Goals

To articulate and prioritize your capital accumulation goals including: financial independence, education, lifestyle and legacy desires.

Financial Status Analysis

To identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your current financial status, and evaluate your progress towards your financial goals.

Credit & Debt Management

To determine the most appropriate type of credit to acquire financial assets, finance education costs, and expedite short-term expenditures. Determine your desired level of emergency reserve and how it should be funded. Develop a strategy for when you wish to be debt free.

Risk Management

To mitigate the risks of catastrophic losses to persons, property and liability by evaluating and recommending appropriate insurance coverage consistent with your risk management goals, while keeping insurance premiums reasonable.

Tax Planning

To maximize wealth creation by mitigating tax liabilities through incentives in the income tax laws. Determining the appropriate levels of withholding and estimated tax payments. Develop an efficient record keeping system for tax preparation and support in the event of an IRS audit.

Investments & Portfolio Management

To determine your philosophy about investment risk and develop an investment policy towards accomplishing your investment objectives.

Legacy Planning & Wealth Transfer

To develop a legacy plan consistent with your wealth transfer objectives, while identifying opportunities to minimize estate costs.